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Platemark is known for taking a clever approach to dreaming up refined and elegant homes that are positively special, wonderfully customized and exceedingly livable. Platemark injects the unique and unexpected, and maintains that a home is for living in, and the interior designer's job is first and foremost to answer a client's needs, wishes and dreams.

Platemark assures that each project is meticulously conceived, detailed and executed under our constant guidance to create luxurious, well-tailored and exuberant living spaces. Our transformations appeal to the unique adventurers who are ready to embark on a beautiful journey. Accordingly, Platemark keeps both the company and number of active projects small, thus ensuring our involvement with - and commitment to - every home we create.

Our Specialty

Mixing function and style, classical motifs and contemporary touches, in rich and unexpected ways.

Our Projects

Private homes, vacation homes, rural estates, urban townhomes and condominiums

Our Clients

Love to have fun! And they enjoy sharing their beautiful life with friends and loved ones alike.

Our Services Include:

Transformative Interior Design
Custom Furniture & Millwork Design and Fabrication
Audiovisual and Home Automation Design
Household Transitions
Art Curation & Placement

Craig Tevolitz

Founded over a decade ago by Principal Craig Tevolitz and located in Boston's Back Bay, Platemark is a well-established Boston interior design firm for clients who desire exceptional personal residences.

With a post-graduate background in web and graphic design, Craig has a keen artistic eye and technical sensibility that lends itself to perfecting his interior decorator aesthetic in every Platemark Design Project. Craig ensures that each project is meticulously conceived, detailed and executed under his constant guidance to create luxurious, well-tailored and contemporary living spaces.

Our Process




When you hire us, you have us, 100%. Our process is simple: We listen to what you envision, then create something beyond your expectations. With professionally rendered drawings, we will present to you – in great detail – your new, completed space. Then, we will be there the entire time to realize this to perfection. Leave the minutiae to us.

We meticulously manage all the procurement and quality control of furnishings, and we further oversee fabrication, construction and installation. It's how we remain of the top interior designers. We collaborate with: Fine Artists, Cabinet & Furniture Makers, Stone & Tile Workers, AV & Systems Specialists, Art Handlers who work exclusively with interior design firms. We have access to a range of innovative products and concepts such as Fine Furnishings, Wall and Flooring Treatments, Window Treatments, Art and Accessories.


We love our clients. Their endorsements speak for themselves, literally.

Have you ever sat in a room and thought, 'this room looks like me and feels like me.....it is me.' That is how I feel every time I enter my master bedroom, thanks to Craig Tevolitz of Platemark Design. Of course, Craig asked all the right questions to determine what features I need in the room, what my favorite colors are, etc. But every bit as important as that was the fact that he delved specifically into how I wanted the room to make me feel when I'm in it. He listened very carefully and he heard me. I know this because the very first design option he presented nailed it! Only minor tweaking was necessary. From there, Craig managed all aspects of the project to my complete satisfaction. It mattered to Craig that I was completely happy with his work, that he had created the experience I was looking for in my room. He has an amazing and enviable sense of style, beauty, and exactitude. It's clear that he loves what he does. And so do I!

We worked with Platemark from April - Oct 2013. The project included a complete interior design for our living, dining, sitting room and master bedroom spaces. The Platemark team spent time at the beginning of the project understanding our needs and our design preferences, which were effectively translated and incorporated into our final design. The design process was very interactive and iterative. The team was very organized. Meetings were timely, clear agendas, followed up with detailed notes and actions. Platemark's design was creative and fresh. We are very pleased with our end product. It is comfortable yet sophisticated. I would not hesitate to work with Platemark on further projects.

The Platemark team was fabulous in helping me bring my vision to reality. Although I had a good idea of what I wanted, they were critical to spacial planning and fabric selection. They took a rough concept for a built-in and delivered a gorgeous, custom piece of furniture. They introduced exciting materials for a coffee table top that I would have never been aware existed and provided access to vendors that I would normally not have access to. The team managed all the heavy lifting of coordinating vendors and delivery. They really pulled it all together. I highly recommend them!

Platemark did an outstanding job helping us to develop a coherent spatial plan and color pallet for our small urban condo. The resulting space was open and calming, and flexible enough in its design elements to withstand the arrival of children a few years later. We could not have been more pleased and looking forward to working with them again!

Craig is very easy to work with. He listens to all of our ideas and really considers the overall look and feel we are trying to accomplish, as well as important factors such as durability of items and project cost. What we really like about working with Craig is that he takes our ideas and turns them into a vision we would never be able to accomplish ourselves. He knows what is important in a design, so he will be honest about elements that he feels are crucial, but he will also tell you which elements can be explored further to see more options (or cut out altogether). Another thing we really like is that he deals with all of the installation. Previously, our designers had worked piece-meal, bringing in elements for installation as they became available. Craig holds everything, inspects it as it comes in, and schedules (and oversees) installation all at once, so there is a dramatic transformation and we do not have to live in a half-done room for any length of time. Every single member of the house was impressed by how much he addressed each of their personalities while designing personal spaces throughout our home (and that is saying a LOT - no other designer has been able to do that with this family). So far, we have completely redone three rooms and have upgraded two others, but we will continue to use Craig as projects arise.

We hired Platemark to help us reconceive the living space in our city condo. Craig and Richard immediately understood our needs and aesthetic and helped us transform our space into something beautiful that suited our needs and that we were extremely proud to show off. They were a pleasure to work with and we'd hire them again!

Platemark Design deserves their growing esteem in New England. This is a small group of Boston-based professional interior designers, led by Craig Tevolitz, who specializes in transforming interiors in innovative ways. I was impressed by a number of factors while working with them. 1. Their sense of beauty is sound and often surprisingly delightful, offering many great ideas that would not come to a client (that's why one hires professionals!). 2. They are willing, indeed eager, to work with a client's existing furniture and art collections. I know some people who are dissuaded from much-needed apartment renovations because they are attached to pieces of furniture or art they have inherited or collected. This is no longer a problem with Platemark. Incorporating pieces you already own, they will in fact design an interior that is both "new" and very "you." 3. Their associated craftsmen, from lampshades to wall coverings to upholsterers, are excellent. 4. Platemark will take care of nearly all the details and logistics, including deliveries, meeting contractors, and follow-up. Overall, an excellent experience. I love my transformed and improved apartment!

Platemark was hired to renovate and refurbish the main space a Newbury Street art gallery that needed to retain its old world charm and introduce a stylish contemporary sensibility to an existing clientele. Platemark worked with us to understand our requirements and rethink the way in which our art is presented. The resulting design always looks fresh, and continues to receive compliments 3 years after completion.

I had a great experience working with Craig. I definitely had a lot of ideas. He really made my ideas better, by figuring out how all the piece fit together, how to best use my space and keeping things the right scale, working around a few pieces that I already had and wanted to keep, identifying where to find the types of things I wanted, etc. He brought in options for materials that I never would have known about (for us, we used a very cool manufactured faux-marble for a coffee table that looks like real marble, but doesn't stain), in fact, he seems to be very current with what is out there. He did a lot of the heavy lifting to bring together fabric options that I could select from. He was also great to coordinate all of the work, so that it all showed up at once.


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Understand your needs.

Whether you serially entertain guests, require it all to be kid-friendly or want a fabulous, cozy nest all for yourself, have clear goals and expectations for your designer.

Embrace the process.

Finding the right design solution requires a thoughtful understanding of the issues. As your designer, we will explain the steps to analyze and solve your needs, which is the heart of the design process. It is an organic and exciting endeavor.

Prepare to talk money.

Designers work within a set of given constraints, and your budget is one of them. If you know what you want to spend on your project, that information will make it much easier to recommend an approach.

Let your designer get to know you.

Designers become involved with the intimate spaces and details of your life. We hope to get to know you to best understand how you live so we can introduce you to the fabulous world of unlimited design possibilities.

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